We hope to stick to this as much as possible but roadmap timelines are subject to change

Q1, 2019

Launch Rainway 1.0

Our exit from beta comes with a brand new UI and huge improvements to stability and performance integrating the feedback we have received from you over the past year to launch with our best foot forward.

Q1, 2019

Rainway Rewind

Rewind lets you passively capture your gameplay sessions and share the coolest moments instantly on social media.

Q2, 2019

Xbox Connector App

We heard you! We are bringing all your PC games to your Xbox console via the Xbox connector app.

Q3, 2019

Native Connector App

This desktop application takes our game streaming technology to the next level by leveraging cutting edge tech like Vulkan and Rust to bring you the lowest latency game streaming experience on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Q4, 2019

iOS and Android Apps

Take your PC games with you wherever you go with the Rainway mobile apps which will be the first of their kind to support 5G.

Q1, 2020

Rainway Party

Want to play a local co-op game online with your friends? Need help clearing a level in your single-player game? Rainway Party let's you do all that and more!