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Dev Tier

0 to 200K


Tier 1

200K to 500K


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500K to 800K


Tier 3

800K to 1M


Tier 4



plus $10/additional 1000 minutes

How are minutes counted?

Your minutes are the total minutes that devices have been connected to the Rainway Network using your team's API keys.

Here's an example of how minutes get counted up: If you have a server that is connected to the Rainway Network (i.e. ready to receive a connection request from another peer) for 6 hours, and, for three of those hours a peer connects to that server through the Rainway network, the minutes are counted as follows: 6 hours for the server (360 minutes) + 3 hours for the client (180 minutes) = 540 minutes.

Our bring-your-own-frame-buffer (BYOFB) feature allows you to optimize both your cloud usage as well as your Rainway minute count, as each high-density BYOFB deployment accrues minutes as only one server would regardless of how many peers are connected to it viewing different streams.