Rainway’s unique technology for real-time interactive streaming is enabling Microsoft to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more devices through browsers

Seattle, WA - April 19, 2021 – Rainway has partnered with Microsoft to provide its Software Development Kit (SDK) to enhance and streamline Xbox Cloud Gaming technology. Rainway’s browser solution integrates seamlessly into the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming stack, making it possible to bring Xbox content to gamers through a multitude of devices running Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.

“Our goal at Xbox is to enable gamers around the world to play the games they want, on the devices they want, with the people they want,” said Kevin LaChapelle, Vice President, Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform. “To provide a consistent cloud gaming experience that spans multiple devices, we’re making games available through browser which provides the necessary performance, compatibility and speed that meets the needs of gamers. As we continue on our journey to deliver content on a range of new devices through web, we’re excited to partner with Rainway and utilize their cutting-edge browser technology in our streaming stack.”

With Rainway App Services, pioneering companies, big and small, can license Rainway’s plug-and-play SDK to build their own experiences. Rainway provides everything their partners need to leverage the power of real-time interactive streams, whether to build a cloud gaming service, create a system of secure thin clients for a hospital or bank, or innovative synchronous collaboration solutions for the new work-from-home world.

“By making our real-time interactive streaming technology available to our App Services partners, we usher in a new era where developers and organizations are empowered to build the future of computing, collaboration, productivity, and development. We are proud to say Microsoft, as one of our first App Services Partners, was able to use our technology to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more users and devices.” said Rainway CEO, Andrew Sampson. “

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About Rainway

Rainway’s mission is to unleash the future of computing, collaboration, productivity, and development by using real-time interactive streaming to change the way that desktop software is built and distributed. The company based in Seattle, WA, was co-founded by Andrew Sampson, CEO, and Evan Banyash, CTO. To learn more about Rainway App Services, visit rainway.com.

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