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Rainway users whose computers have Windows “N” or “NK” editions must install Microsoft’s Media Feature Pack to use Rainway game streaming. Before following the steps in this guide be sure to close Rainway.

Where Can I Get the Media Feature Pack?

Microsoft provides the Media Feature Pack for the Windows N variants for free. The problem is that each Windows 10 version needs the appropriate version of the Media Feature Pack.

Windows 10 N Version 1909 (November 2019 Update)

In this version of Windows Microsoft has changed the way you go about installing the Media Feature Pack.

Go to the Settings page on Windows and navigate to Apps –> Apps and Features.

There you have to click Optional Features and on the next page the button Add Feature. Scroll down until you find the Media Feature Pack and install it.

Other Windows Versions

For older versions of Windows please you’ll need to install the Media Feature Pack from Microsoft here. Make sure you download the corresponding feature pack for your version of the Windows operating system.

If you are still experiencing this issue, install any available Windows updates and then install the Media Feature Pack again.