Rainway for iOS

Play all your PC games instantly on your iPhone or iPad. Password free login, touch controls, a custom on-screen keyboard, and an on-screen gamepad enhance your PC game experience.

Download Now

Install Rainway Dashboard

Download and install Rainway Dashboard on a Windows 10 PC where your games are installed.

Download Rainway for iOS

Download the Rainway for iOS app from the App Store and follow the instructions.

Start Playing

Sit back and have fun playing any of your PC games on your iPhone or iPad!

Designed for You

A beautiful UI to manage and play all your PC games on your iPhone or iPad.

Multiple Controller Options

Connect your own controller or use the one inside the app. Supports all controllers on iOS 13 such as the Playstation DualShock and Xbox One.

Remote Desktop

Securely access your desktop from anywhere, and turn your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate gaming PC.