Rainway Brand Guidelines

Looking to use our brand in an article or video? Follow these guidelines so it looks 🔥

Our logo

We are very proud of our logo, and we require that you follow these guidelines to ensure it always looks its best. Our logo is the combination of a simple and modern wordmark with the icon.

Our Colors

The palette should be applied in all of Rainway's marketing communications. The palette has been designed to give a bold and exciting direction to the brand, offering flexibility in conception – online and in print.

Dodger Blue

2, 154, 235 RGB
66, 32, 17, 0 CMYK
2192 C PMS


#25C85E HEX
37, 200, 94 RGB
75, 0, 66, 0 CMYK
2420 C PMS

Torea Bay

#2F2D83 HEX
47, 45, 131 RGB
79, 93, 35, 28 CMYK
287 C PMS

Midnight Express

#161D45 HEX
22, 29, 69 RGB
78, 80, 51, 64 CMYK
2768 C PMS

Our Fonts

Our font families should be used for all communications, ensuring a consistent look and feel in all online and print literature.

Jost* — Heading and Logo




Lato — Body




Press Kit

Download all the Rainway brand materials including logos, screenshots and app icons.

Download Press Kit