Our 0.5.0 SDK release marks the stable release of our 0.5.0 beta features: asynchronous requests on Data Channels, and configurable stream resolutions.

While these features have been called out in previous beta changelogs, here’s a quick recap.

Configurable Stream resolutions

We’ve improved support for configuring stream resolutions. You may now select a “display resolution strategy” when accepting a stream:

LeaveUnchanged is what we were already doing: stream at the current desktop resolution. FindBestFit is new in this release, and attempts to match the host display to the client’s ideal resolution. Constant Takes a width and height, to always use for a fixed resolution.

For more information, be sure to check out our updated documentation.

Data Channel requests

We’ve added the ability to use data channels for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). The client may issue an asynchronous request that can be awaited, which the host can respond to. The response will be transmitted back to the client, and returned to the caller.

For more information, see our updated documentation.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • [Native SDKs] Fixed app isolation when dragging/dropping content. Content behind the dragged content will no longer be erroneously displayed.