Read about it here, or try us out first. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.

We are excited to announce that the dev tier of Rainway is now free! This tier provides developers with all the tools they need to get started building amazing applications with Rainway. With this change, we hope to make it even easier for developers to get started and create the next generation of amazing applications.

Why The Change to Free?

When we launched the beta we spoke with many early adopters to land on a price that fits most apps running on Rainway, and decided to eat the extra cost from outliers. Since we tend to favor transparency and predictability over “price that scales well”, we ended up with a dev tier price that is too high for some customers. This is fine, we’re growing and learning, but we couldn’t ignore the data and have decided it’s time to address that.

The answer to this problem was obvious: make the dev tier free.

Doing so allows us to remove the two-week trial period, enabling greater access to our platform. Now any developer can sign up and start building, and can do so at their pace.

We hope that’s enough for your projects (and if it’s not, tell us what you’re working on so we can help).

What IS Free Rainway?

As long as your project does not exceed 200,000 minutes on the Rainway network within a given month you will not be charged. This is perfect for small projects and those that are just starting to take shape.

A Note About Credit Cards

Even for our free services, we require a credit card number. We know that’s the worst and it gives you heartburn. It’s not because we plan to charge you.

As Rainway evolves and we offer more fully managed services your credit card number is the thin plastic line between us and chaos.

One Last Thing

We’ve recently shipped Bring Your Own Frame Buffer (BYOFB) and just announced several API changes that are coming your way. Head over to the changelog to learn more.