In 2017 when I conceptualized Rainway, many believed that game streaming (now more commonly referred to as cloud gaming) was still out of reach from being realized by any company, let alone a startup. Fueled by a desire to move the game industry forward and full of ambitions for what the future of gaming could look like, we dove headfirst into the challenge. Now in 2021, we’ve all seen how COVID-19 changed the ways we work, learn, entertain ourselves, and collaborate.

Millions of students struggle with the transitions to at-home learning as they have no access to a computer capable of running software required for their classes. Teams worldwide are less productive as they attempt to adapt the traditional desktop software they build, ship, market, and rely on to new paradigms.

Today, I’m happy to announce Rainway App Services: a software development kit that makes real-time interactivity easy everywhere. Through this offering, teams can leverage the power of Rainway in a few lines of code, whether to build a cloud gaming service, create a system of secure thin clients for a hospital or bank, or enable innovative synchronous collaboration in the new remote-based world.

We understand that one of the most valuable commodities for teams is time. Our new offering means organizations don’t have to spend years doing their own research or maintaining a complex technology stack. That means more time to focus on building great products and user experiences.

By making our real-time interactive streaming technology available to everyone, we usher in a new era where developers and organizations are empowered to build the future of computing, entertainment, collaboration, productivity, and development.

Rainway App Services has seen quick adoption by some of the world’s largest companies, and general availability will come later this year. If you’re interested in learning more, please head over to the Rainway website.

We cannot thank our community enough for all the support. Many of you have been with us since the beginning and have watched the product evolve immensely. For those using Rainway today, don’t worry. Our consumer gaming service will continue to be available for you to use to play your PC games anytime, anywhere.

We’re excited to help build the future with our ultra-low latency video streaming.