It’s finally here! Rainway for iPad now supports keyboard and mouse input.

Ever since we released our mobile apps last year, Rainway has let gamers play their favorite PC titles on Android and iOS devices. But so far, the real gameplay action has been limited to game controllers: either Bluetooth devices or the virtual touch-screen gamepad Rainway provides.

For some genres, like real-time strategy games or first-person shooters, players are more used to the precision and flexibility of keyboard-and-mouse input. We’ve been eager to support this, and with the release of iPadOS 14, Apple has officially provided a way for iPad apps to process Bluetooth mouse input just the way a game expects.

If you pair a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with your iPad and make sure it’s upgraded to the latest version of iPadOS, the latest version of Rainway on the App Store will let you play your games with keyboard and mouse input. In our internal testing, we were surprised at how comfortable this feels. It’s like turning your tablet into a powerful gaming laptop.

We fully support the official Smart Folio Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 accessories, and many third-party Bluetooth devices also work.

We hope to bring this same feature to Android phones and tablets before the end of the year, so check back soon!

For more technical information, you can check out the presentation about iPad mouse and keyboard gaming at WWDC 2020. Or if you’re the seeing-is-believing type: go grab Rainway for iPadOS on the App Store. If you run into any issues, file a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help out.