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UPDATED July 23, 2020 | Today, Rainway for TV app has launched on Amazon Fire TV. Rainway users with Fire TV devices will now have access today via the Amazon App Store.

Seattle, WA - July 15, 2020 | Rainway is excited to announce the launch of Rainway for TV app on Apple TV, Android TV, and the Amazon Fire TV platforms. Rainway is the premiere cross-platform game streaming service that lets gamers play their favorite PC games on just about any device anywhere, anytime. With the addition of Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV platforms, Rainway is the most convenient and accessible way to play all of your favorite PC games, your way.

Rainway is the first true extension of PC Gaming to hit your living room. Unlike its competitors, Rainway allows gamers to play all of their favorite PC titles, regardless of storefront, on their TVs with full controller support. Armed with a good internet connection, Rainway allows players to take their entire PC library with them wherever they go, even on vacation, on work travel, or even just out in the backyard during some good ol’ fashioned social distancing.

“Thanks to the monumental effort of the Rainway team, we are ecstatic to announce that the Rainway for TV app is launching on Android TV followed by Apple TV and Fire TV,” said CEO Andrew Sampson. “This milestone holds true to our vision of breaking down barriers preventing gamers from playing games they own in the way they want to play them. With this launch, Rainway is now available in every room of your house and on the go.”

Rainway users will have access to Android TV today, for free. Apple TV and Fire TV are coming soon. Make sure your home computer has Rainway set up and you have some games in your dashboard. If not, download Rainway and follow the instructions. All you need to do is download the Rainway for TV app to your preferred hardware, connect it to your Rainway dashboard and get playing!

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