More browsers. Increased productivity. Better Games.

In the near future, we’ve got some big news about Rainway. But, before we get there, we know more than a few of you are still stuck at home, day in, day out, looking for things to do during the stay home, stay safe mandate. Perhaps you’ve got a giant-but-powerful PC locked away in your office but you’re also straddling the roles of parent/teacher/worker during this strange new life we’re leading. And, maybe you’re stuck working on a Chromebook, but want to be able to sneak a few rounds of VALORANT in between Zoom calls. Or, maybe you’re just a Mac lover, who also has a decent gaming PC that you’re not getting enough use out of. Whatever the case, Rainway is here to help.

May’s update is jam-packed with new ways to play your favorite PC games. More browser support, including much anticipated Safari support. Rainway now offers better productivity through a new smooth, beautiful, remote desktop. And yep, increased speeds and decreased latency for an even more responsive gaming session.

Let’s dig into the details, shall we? All of this is now live in Rainway, so make sure you’re up to date on the latest Dashboard!

Expanded Browser Support

We strive to make Rainway the most accessible game streaming service in the world. We are excited to announce that you can now play all your PC games right from inside Safari – even VALORANT.

The web promises that anyone can access content using any browser on any device. Designing for cross-browser compatibility opens our work up to the broadest possible audience and market. As such, we’ve also spent a considerable amount of time improving our video stack for Firefox. Experimental support for Windows has begun rolling out, and we’ll be contributing upstream fixes to Firefox to improve their handling of video on macOS.

Decreased Input Latency for Web

For Chrome and Chromium-based web browsers, we now send mouse input as soon as it happens as opposed to our previous method that could add half a frame of latency on average from when they happened until they are delivered to the game.

Having real-time input is essential if you want to stay out of the gulag.

iOS Physical Keyboard Support

You can use your new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, or any Bluetooth keyboard with Rainway on iOS and iPad OS. This update unlocks entirely new categories of PC games that before would have been impossible to play on your tablet. Turn that fancy new iPad Pro into the gaming rig you deserve.

Smooth, Beautiful, Remote Desktop Access

Alongside keyboard support, we’ve introduced some new features to help you be more productive when using Rainway for work instead of games. For example, you can now zoom in on different parts of your Remote Desktop.

We’ve also introduced frame interpolation and bitrate boosting for non-gaming use cases. When Rainway detects you’re not gaming but instead working on an important presentation or spreadsheet, we will improve the stream to make the text more precise, and inject frames to keep latency low.

Speeding up Initial Connections

This month we rolled out Fureai, our new signaling service for Web and Android. Fureai allows us to broker messages between devices and computers even if they’re on different networks. We built it on .NET Core 3.1 using System.IO.Pipelines to achieve efficient zero-copy async-IO mechanisms.

We also avoid allocations by using our new standardized messaging format Pierogi, which can be represented as a type-safe and memory-safe representation of a contiguous region of arbitrary memory across platforms. No serialization required.

In layman’s terms: no more spurious connection issues, and now it takes less than 10 seconds to open and get into your favorite games.

What’s Next?

A lot of the updates we’ve been releasing have been about building the foundation for some exciting new features and platforms. Over the next few weeks, those features will finally begin releases, and we’re excited to hear what you have to say.

In the meantime, take our improvements for a spin and Follow us on Twitter for more updates.