At Rainway, our mission is to enable PC gamers around the world to enjoy the gaming experience they desire. With that in mind, we are excited to announce that our latest Rainway Client and Dashboard update brings a new localization system with support for translation to new languages.

Localization, while sometimes overlooked, is important as it enhances the game play experience. Ideally, it should be accounted for at the beginning of the development process, so we apologize for the belated inclusion of this key feature. But, it was no small undertaking.

Adding translation support involved combing through all the text in our UI and migrating the hardcoded strings to a flexible localization framework. It was close to 150 collective man-hours of work in total. But who’s keeping track? The system is smart enough to automatically select an appropriate language based on your device locale, so most users won’t have to manually pick their language at all, as long as we have a translation available.

Support for multiple languages makes Rainway more accessible to a global audience which is part of our mission. Also, we needed a decent project for our intern to work on, and we had really been putting this off for far too long. Shout out to Dmitri Saliba, the fabulous intern in question, for his help on getting this up and running.

And so we ask, are you bilingual? We want, we need, your help.

Currently, we have translations available for four languages: English, German, Japanese, and Spanish, with a few more in the pipeline. We will eventually offer support for every major world language and as many minor ones as we can. However, we can’t do it without your help.

Rainway localizations are currently a community effort, and to support this, the update includes not only support for new languages, but also a best in class built-in language editor. Getting started on a new translation is as simple as pulling up the editor, selecting your language, and entering in your translations. The text inside the running app will update in real-time as you edit, so you can preview your work as you go. Your changes are automatically saved to your account, so you can easily pick up where you left off and switch between the Dashboard and Client.

When you’re finished, simply export to JSON with the press of a button and submit a pull request to our translation repository. After some verification, we’ll merge your new translation file and your language will be available in the next update. If you need help with any step, just join our Discord Server and we will be happy to assist. It’s not perfect yet as a scant few strings still aren’t in the system and JSON exporting currently only works from the Client, but we’re improving it all the time. Contributing a translation will earn you the eternal gratitude of the Rainway Team and, undoubtedly, everyone who uses Rainway in your language, as well as a special Translator role in our Discord server, and access to a private channel just for translation contributors.

Fun fact: in order to test the localization system, we generated “translations” for Z̴̛̗̣̉͗̒̉̆̍̀̕͜͠ä̷̹̮͍̤͙̯́̍̈́̈́l̸͔̩͍̻̭̘̜̻͎̖̜̓̀̃̉̊̃͌͒͆g̶͈̮̻͖̥̙̹͌̏͋̐̋̏̒̄̓̔̾ờ̷̢̪̩̫͇̦̝̰̙͍̭̝̩̒̇̈́̕ and L33T SP34K stylized text. You can find them still present in the language selector as an easter egg.