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Hey folks, while members of the Rainway team are hard at work on our native iOS app, we haven’t forgotten about all of our other dedicated users. Over the last few weeks, we’ve made some serious improvements to our web app to make playing games through Rainway even better. These updates include:

  • play.rainway.com is now a Progressive Web App! That means you can install it right to your home screen or desktop, and launch it like any other application, so no more browser tabs.
  • We’ve added support for touch controls, so you can play games like Age of Empries, CIV, and Teamfight Tactics with just your fingers on mobile/tablet devices.
  • You’re able to bring up an on-screen keyboard so you can easily login to 3rd party launchers.
  • The UI of the web app has been optimized for mobile, allowing it to be used on even smaller screens.
  • A number of performance optimizations have been introduced, and we’ve reduce input latency for mouse, keyboard, and gamepad input.

We’re hard at work to bring Rainway to iOS and Android this year, and wanted to release this little treat in the meantime. I myself was particularly excited to work on these updates so that I can play Teamfight Tactics on the move! I had so much fun after launch and realized that it was really a perfect candidate for using Rainway on a touch device. Here’s a little gameplay footage for you:

As always, feel free to hop into our community Discord with any questions or comments or to let us know what you think of the updates! Happy gaming.

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