Designed with gamers in mind, Rainway for the Xbox One extends services accessibility and core offering.

The Rainway Xbox One app, slated to launch the week of June 4th, allows gamers to experience their entire library of PC games directly on their Xbox One console. The Xbox One app will also introduce a suite of new features to Rainway such as; 4k streaming, local multiplayer/co-op, VoIP, and much more.

We’ve handcrafted a fantastic user experience that allows us to meld the best of PC and console gaming for an unprecedented way of playing. - Andrew Sampson, CEO, Rainway

A closed private beta will be available from May 5-17, 2019. Anyone wishing to participate can sign up on the Rainway website:

About Rainway

Rainway is the leading game streaming service, offering best-in-class performance that provides the ability to play games anywhere to countless people around the world.