PC gamers install Rainway’s software on their home PC, turning it into a powerful game streaming server. Over half a million games were played via Rainway during its beta such as Fortnite, Destiny 2 and more on a variety of remote devices.

SEATTLE, January 31, 2019—Rainway, the web-based gaming service that enables users to play their PC games anywhere, across different devices, without compromise, launched out of beta today. The company’s all-in-one game launcher for all digital PC game stores is fully compatible with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA hardware, and capable of encoding Full HD at 60 Frames Per Second in under three milliseconds.

Rainway’s technology transforms game-playing by using web browsers on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.

“Today’s launch has been a year in the making—we’ve worked tirelessly to improve the player experience and made upgrades based on user feedback, including the addition of a brand new UI and huge improvements to stability and performance.” said Andrew Sampson, co-founder and CEO. “Cloud gaming is huge right now, with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others attempting to build a ‘Netflix for video games.’ Rainway’s “game streaming” services is different in that our software gives players complete flexibility while maintaining full control over their game library, all for free,” added Sampson.

Looking ahead, Rainway will launch native apps for Xbox One and Android/iOS later this year, followed by Rainway Party in early 2020, where users can play a co-op game online with friends.

About Rainway

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Sampson (CEO) and Evan Banyash (CTO), our team members hail from industry-leading companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, Huawei, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, SquareEnix, and more. Our mission is to build a positive community for people who share our love for gaming, by giving them the power to play the games they own however they’d like. To learn more visit: rainway.com.