Since our launch in January, we’ve been looking for ways to drastically improve the way people play their favorite games via the browser. One limitation we’ve faced is lackluster control over how we currently user input.

For instance, we’ve recommended users use the F11 fullscreen option as pressing ESC would close the Javascript implementation of fullscreen, causing an undesirable session. Additionally, ESC is a common key used in games and pushing it currently if you’ve locked your mouse causes it to unlock and for the user to have to press the keyboard shortcut again.

However, with the release of Chrome 68, this issue is resolved for Chrome users. A brand new browser feature called Keyboard Lock enables us to have full control over the keyboard and user input.

Once you’ve started a game merely press “ctrl+shift+f” to enter fullscreen and you’re all done. Now you can do quite a lot more than in the past, such as alt tabbing out of the game if you need to manage the desktop

Open in game menus without losing your mouse capture.

Or send reserved system keys like F11 key to the remote host.

To exit fullscreen you can either press “ctrl+shift+f” or hold escape for two seconds. You can also enter and leave mouse capture via “ctrl+shift+z”.

Additionally, we reported an issue to the Chrome team with capturing the X1/X2 buttons (forward and back on your mouse) and it was recently patched. We’ve added support for these buttons as well so you should have deeper control of your setup.

We are still working on the next update which will draw the remote system cursor so you can see the cursor in games which don’t draw their own.

Go test out this new update on Chrome 68 and keep an eye out for our big announcement next week.