Around 2005 a pivotal switch flipped in digital entertainment, the introduction of online streaming. Companies like Spotify and Netflix would emerge to reshape forever how we listened to music and watched our favorite shows and movies. However, all the way back in 2000 a company called G-cluster demoed something amazing at E3 — the ability to stream and play games.

So what came of it? Nothing much, a lot of different companies would come and go over the years but the time just wasn’t right. The average home internet connection was too slow, consoles were booming with amazing exclusives and word of mouth traveled fast that the existing solutions were poor. Cloud gaming and game streaming soon became synonymous with slow, unreliable and laggy and many wiped their nose at the idea.

2018 is a different time though. PC has the most played games of any platform, high-speed internet is abundant throughout the world and the average consumer has more processing power in their pocket and home than ever before — the time is right to unlock this technology and at Rainway, we’re doing just that.

Game streaming done right

As we have built this platform we’ve come to learn that it is more than just the ability to play games across devices. We’re unlocking freedom of choice in how users go about playing. Did you just pay $59.99 for the latest AAA title? Why should you have to wait until you’re home from school or work to play? You should be able to play even if you’re 2,500 miles away from home. No plugins, no extra downloads, just start playing immediately in your browser.

A student using Rainway to play CS:GO in school (front page of reddit)

Do you only have a Dualshock controller laying around? No problem, our unified cross-device input also provides that same freedom in what controller you decide to use. Be it Dualshock, Xbox or a random third party controller, you aren’t limited by what you already own.

Quality is equally important for gamers and the current state of mobile games is less than ideal. Many games are carbon copies of one another and the experiences are often mindless swiping and tapping with the frequent popup trying to make you buy more things.

Mobile games in a nutshell

When a game is ported from PC to mobile, a feeling can’t be shaken as if good games on mobile are few and far between.

Same title. Different experience.

Game streaming solves this problem. Now as a user, you don’t have to settle for subpar games; you can enjoy those games you love on PC, on your mobile devices as well, without compromise.

Final Fantasy XV (PC) on Android via Rainway

We also understand PC gamers love their rigs. This is why we don’t lock users to propitiatory hardware or a single graphics card manufacturer. Allowing users to leverage their existing PC means they can have these amazing cross-device experiences without sinking tons of money into it.

Play with what you have

Rainway game streaming breaks down the barriers gamers have faced for years. Now they can play how they want when they want. It is time for the switch to flip for gaming and we’re proud to be leading the way.

Come join us!