At Rainway we are managing thousands of users connections, and this does not come without some headache. No two networks are the same, and as we like to say, the internet is held together by duct tape and glue.

Sitting down with each user who has an edge case doesn’t scale well. Up to an hour can be spent trying to go back and forth with them and even then you might not get the results you need. That is why we created Forecast.

Forecast allows us to debug a users connection quickly; is their host able to receive connections? Is there a missing or conflicting certificate? Is there a missing or mismatched DNS record? We can learn all of this in a few seconds rather than a few hours.

A healthy IPv4 websocket server

Forecast is extremely useful for those cases where certificate errors are occurring, and the browser is less than forthcoming about the cause. Now, you can immediately learn if the remote end has an issue.

Spotted an invalid certificate right away.

We’re open sourcing this tool in the hopes it prevents headaches among developers so they can spend more time creating cool stuff using web technologies. You can find the full source code here and release builds here. If you’d like to contribute we’ll be happy to accept pull request.