At the beginning of this year, our team relocated out to Washington to join the Techstars Seattle class of 2018. For a long time, we told ourselves this was only temporary, that soon we’d reunite with the many Peachtree streets of Atlanta and relive those sweltering days of summer.

However, during our time at Techstars we made new friends, built a network of trusted advisors and relationships that are truly invaluable. Not wanting to risk losing that network, we’ve decided that the new home of Rainway is Seattle, Washington.

Even in an ever-connected world, the location of a company can be the difference between success and failure. Seattle is ripe with talented individuals and the perfect fit for our innovative vision. As we grow our business, we hope to be an integral part of the tech/startup community here.

So as we leave the southeast behind for a bigger and brighter future in the northwest we say only this — send us sweet tea.

We’re home.