Since our launch just 3 months ago we’ve made a lot of progress in the development of our core technology. Bringing real-time game streaming to the web was no easy task — but we built the worlds fastest streaming protocol to do just that.

Overall latency has decreased by up to 65% across the board and with the final Octane update expected to drop in just in a week, we believe Rainway will reach brand new heights. However today we want to focus on a more important topic.

Why we do this

Games are more than just a hobby for some people, they can be an escape that allows them to express themselves, a way to meet new friends or even discover new passions. The reasons and possibilities are endless and enabling people to carry those stories with them anywhere without worry is truly important to us. So when we solved the technological challenges, we sat out to painstakingly craft a seamless user experience. No IP addresses, no ports, just games.

One of the key differences between Rainway and similar apps is that we don’t believe in the remote desktop approach. The first thing users should see when they login are their games, not a connect button. We take the hassle out of game streaming, grab a controller and press play. We will always put users right into the game and understand the difference 60 seconds can make when it comes to playing — so we will save their time. Plus, if gaming isn’t fun, what is the point?

That is why as we bring PC gaming to everywhere they can rest assured, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards so the only thing users have to worry about is playing. Our team is passionate about gaming through and through and at the end of the day, that will drive our continued innovation.

We’re humbled by the response to our open beta and the love we’ve received from the people taking part in it. User feedback has been crucial to the improvements we’ve made thus far and with the community we’re fostering, we truly believe Rainway reshapes the way people play their favorite games.

If you want to play your favorite games anywhere, you can join our beta right now.

Thanks for reading!